“Church, do you love ME?!”

Revelation: Ready or Not…?!

Week 2: “Church, do you love ME?!”


Scripture: Revelation 2:1-7 (read as a group)

  1. What were the words of praise, warning and promise to the first church and why?
    1. What does it mean that the speaker “walks among the 7 golden lamp stands?”
    2. Why does the church need to have a balance between truth and love?
    3. What should our first love be, and what are the signs that either we or the church has lost its first love? Shouldn’t we love what God loves?  What/who does God love?
    4. Can you identify the 3 R’s in the verse 2:5? Hint: Remember, Repent Repeat!  This is good advice for all of us to follow, why?
    5. What reward do the faithful receive and where have we heard about this before?

Scripture: Revelation 2:8-11 (read as a group)

  1. What is the difference between this church and the first one?
    1. What does Jesus know about this church?
    2. I thought Jesus was talking to the Christians in churches, not to Jews in synagogues, why does He mention these?
    3. How long will the people suffer, and what is this church’s reward?
    4. All who are victorious will be spared what and how does one gain victory over this?

Scripture: 2:12-17 (read as a group)

  1. Why would Jesus remind the church that He knows where we live, and is that what He really meant?
    1. Why do you think Jesus brings up the “Sharp Double Edge Sword” to this particular church, and what does it mean?
    2. Who was Balaam, Balak, and the Nicolaitans, and what concern are they to us today? Hint: Read Numbers 22-24; 31:16
    3. What do the victors from this church receive and what do these represent?

Scripture: 2:18-29 (read as a group)

  1. How does the speaker to the 4th church identify Himself?
    1. Who was Jezebel in the OT, and why does He mention her here?
    2. What is so important about having pure heart and mind?
    3. What are Satan’s “so called deep seccrets?”
    4. What do the vicotors from this church receive, and who is the morning star the speaker is referring to here?
  2. What did you learn today about the Book of Revelation Chapter 2 that you didn’t know before?