“I am the Alpha and the Omega”



  1. Who is the Book of Revelation written about?
  2. Who is the writer of the Book of Revelation?
  3. What was the writer’s relationship to the one the book is about?
  4. What benefit is there in reading this book and why?
  5. What does the Greek letters “Alpha and Omega” mean?
  6. Why do you think Jesus referred to Himself as the “ A/O”?
  7. How many “spirits” are before the throne, why is the # so important?
  8. What does verse 7 tell you and what Gospel verse supports the truth

Of this verse? (hint: How was Jesus taken up?)

  1. Where was the apostle at the time he received this prophecy?
    1. Why was the writer sent to where he was imprisoned?
    2. What day did the writer say he received this vision, and what does this particular day represent to the church?
    3. What did the writer hear and how did he describe the sound?
    4. Name the churches in this vision, what region were they all located?
  2. “I turned around to see…!”
    1. Describe what the writer saw and what this all represents!
    2. What was in HIS right hand? What came out of HIS mouth and why?
    3. What did the writer do when he saw the vision?
    4. What does the stars and lampstands represent?
    5. What “keys” are being held? And by whom? And does this bring comfort to you?
    6. In your words, what do the words “Testimony and Witness” mean?
  3. What did you learn today about the Book of Revelation Chapter 1 that you didn’t know before?